Plasplugs DWW180US Master Tiler 7-Inch Wet Saw

Plasplugs DWW180US Master Tiler Wet Saw

Plasplugs DWW180US Master Tiler 7-Inch Wet Saw

by Plasplugs

  • Cuts any tile, any size up to 1.3" thick
  • 7" water cooled diamond cutting wheel
  • Angled miter guide for 22.5- and 45-degree cutting
  • Steel cutting guide
  • 90 day warranty
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  1. Brand: Plasplugs
  2. Dimensions: 20 x 22 x 7.5 inches
  3. Shipping Weight: 35 pounds
  4. Item ID: upc:085439801800
  5. Item ID: ean:0085439801800
Master Tiler Wet Saw, 1 HP High Powered Induction Motor, Cast Aluminum High Impact Cutting Surface, Mitre Prop For Perfect Angle Cuts At 45 Degrees, Portable, Only 30 LB, Cuts Any Size Tile Up To 1-1/16" Thick, No Mess Water Recirculation System, Includes: Master Tiler 7" Diamond Cutting Wheel, Straight Fence and A Protector Guide For Angles To 90 Degrees, Contractor andHomeo wner Approved This Wet Saw Will Get Any Tiling Project Complete In No Time At All.
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Good choice for light duty homeowners, April 25, 2002
BWB (Gainesville, FL USA)
I bought this since the big MK I also use was too heavy and messy to take into condos. I rehab ocean condos and lug all my tools into the condo for 2-3 months (compressor, table saw, router table, etc). So I focus on portability first.
However, the instructions were limited, the arbor allows the blade to not spin true, and the setup screws will be quickly lost after unpacking.
But strangely - the saw and fence quickly cut straight after you allow for the width of the blade wobble. Angles require some extra work. I used a 7" speed square against the fence for diagonal cuts. I haven't tried the 1.3" cutting depth yet. It should do it. But for how long? I don't see it as a long term contractor grade saw but as a saw that can be used for 2-3 yrs with about 2-3 jobs per year.

Poor support from Plasplugs, November 28, 2005
Customer (Northampton, PA)
About four weeks ago, I purchased at a Home Depot in Florida the Plasplugs "Master Tiler", model number: DWW180US-BX.

I am using it for a porcelain tile installation. The original blade worked ok for the initial cuts, but I need to replace it for the proper blade type for the tile. I had bought a porcelain tile replacement blade from a blade mfr when I bought the saw. When I got around to replacing the blade, I found out that the Plasplugs machine uses a different "arbor" than everybody else. The replacement blade was worthless to me.

I then called the Plasplugs US office to order the "high glaze" blade. Much to my chagrin, I was told the "all blades except the standard have been discontinued".

I just bought this saw four weeks ago! I think it is very irresponsible for a manufacturer to behave in this matter.

You can be assured that I will avoid any Plasplug product in the future.

Not bad....but don't expect to cut 45, January 7, 2003
Scott H. Peerbolte "homeshp69" (marietta, GA United States)
Not bad for a small saw...the 1hp motor cut nicely. The down side to this saw is that the water guard for the blade blocks your view of the cut. I also had to modify the mount for the water guard so that the tile wouldn't catch on the back end. If you want to cut at 45 degrees forgetaboutit....the tool comes with a rip fence but no miter gauge... although it had a miter gauge slot...I had to make my own jig to cut 45 degrees....on the positve side the water tank is pretty self contained and the water guard kept the mess to a minimum...I've rented the bigger saws for larger jobs and ended up cleaning muddy water off the walls. This unit lasted all day with one fill and no spills over the side onto the floor.

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